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If you would like to make a contribution to this notice boardplease email me.
The next committee meetings will be held on 4th Sept 2017
Anyone wishing to submit an item for discussion should hand his or her written submission to
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Chairpersons Comments NEW
The highlight of July for me was our beginners graduation parkrun where Luton Wardown hit record numbers and we largely contributed to that with over 100 Striders either running or volunteering, this doesn’t include all the beginners who are not yet signed up as Striders. Well done to all of our beginners who ran hard and achieved their goal of running 5km. A massive thank you to our coaches who without, the course wouldn’t have been half the success it was, you all invested so much into working with the beginners, I hope you all enjoyed it as much as they did. It was an awesome morning and I don’t think I have ever been so proud to be part of this club. If you want to read more stats from the run then check out the race report, with pictures which I had the pleasure to write.
The Fairlands Valley relays is always a great team event and it was good to see so many teams running for Striders. Considering it is ‘only’ 3k I find it one of the hardest races of the year and I don’t think I was the only one that ran their socks off. Well done all and thank you Phil and Christine for organising the entries.
Please keep plugging our race and fingers crossed for good weather on Sunday.
Zena Ellis

Striders Social Night NEW
31st Aug. 8-11pm Stopsley Working Mens Club.
Our monthly get together to enjoy a sausage roll or two and chat about our latest PB.
As always please contribute food to the buffet or make a contribution to the club charity.

Running Report for July 2017 by Phil Nitchen NEW
We have had a busy month of races this month. The completion of the Luton Ac road races, the Doug Anderson 5k and the Fairlands Valley Relay’s to name a few. Again there have been some amazing runs and brilliant team spirit, which is fantastic to see.
1st and 2nd July
On the 1st At Luton Parkrun we had a PB from Chris Treleaven, running 23 minutes flat.
On the 2nd at the Women’s running 10k, there were PB’s for Liz Evans, finishing in a time of 1.08.55 and Donna Wiggett in 1.07.00. At the Ickenham 5 mile Alan Barry ran a PB of 30.55. Stuart Cross ran the Bassingbourne half in a speedy Pb of 1.46.45. Also on the 2nd, the shortest race of the Luton series was run at Wardown park. Regular park runners were relieved to know that they only had to go up the hill 3 times instead of the usual 4 and on tarmac in place of the mud slide. There were no Pb’s, but still some brilliant times in very humid conditions.
8th and 9th of July
On the 8th Evelyn Lutterodt ran a Pb at Wardown parkrun in a time of 32.22
On The 9th at the British 10k, the lover of purple Evelyn Lutterodt completed a terrific weekend of running by claiming a Pb of 1.07.50. Also at the race Alan Barry ran a very rapid PB of 38.27.  A few striders ran the new Forest 10 mile race. Philip Davies ran a course Pb of 1.14.02 and John Chapman although not feeling well ran a brilliant time of 1.10.15 and finished 1st in the V55 age group. Although not solely running, but I thought was worth a mention, Tom Rankin and Myself completed our first triathlons at the Hitchin sprint triathlon. Tom absolutely smashed it and finished in 13th place overall out of 150 finishers.
15th and 16th of July     
On the 15th Tom Rankin came 1st at Wardown park run and managed a Pb of 18.31 in the process.
The 16th saw the last race of the Luton series with the 10k race. I became an unofficial marshal at the 500 metres to go point and the effort still being put in was truly remarkable, well done everyone. Linda Scanlan ran a Pb of 43.06 and finished 3rd Lady. A special mention has to go to Adrian Copp who won his age category for the series, but wasn’t acknowledged as having done so because he had entered the races individually. A ridiculous ruling, but we all know who the true winner was, well done Adrian. 
21st July
At the Bedford 10k James Folan ran a Pb of 39.47 and John Chapman finished 2nd in the V55 age category.
22nd July
On the 22nd we had our beginners graduation, Congratulations to all of you that ran, you’ve have worked blooming hard to complete the course and well done to all the coaches that got you through the 12 weeks. It was also the striders takeover and Charles Nelis managed a Pb of 26.19.
26th and 27th July
On the 26th we had the Doug Anderson Memorial 5k, James Folan set his 2nd Pb in 5 days by finishing in 19.39. John Chapman was 1st in the race and county V55 age group, and Paul Keech was close behind in 3rd place. Gez Fallon was 2nd in the V45 category. Chris Lamont finished in 2nd place in the V60 category. Karen Ashby was 3rd in the race and county in the FV55 age group.
On the 27th the popular Fairlands 3k relays were held in Stevenage. We had a 32 members running. I have never in my 6 years at the club known such a big striders turn out for the event. It was a brilliant night with some speedy times, but more impressively the camaraderie and team spirit amongst us was superb and a joy to see. Special mention to Hannah Fothergill, Alan Barry and Daniel Lewis for running a 2nd leg to make up the shortfalls in the teams. For those who run the 3k time trial in June, this gave you an opportunity to beat your Pb and the following managed to do so. Tom Rankin 10.40, Gez Fallon 11.21, Daniel Lewis 11.30, Ian Pitkin 12.41, Andy Durrant 13.12, Hannah Fothergill 13.48, Ian Curry 14.22, Kulwinder Assra 16.26 and Kat Tuloo 15.49.                         
28-29th July
Rob Barnes took on what sounds like a brutal challenge by running the Lakeland 100 mile race in the lake district. He completed the race in an astonishing 24hrs48mins59secs and he finished in 12th place. I can’t even begin to fathom what even 50 miles would feel like, but to run 100 on terrain and inclines in around the mountains deserves the upmost respect and admiration. Well done Rob on a fantastic effort.
29th July
On the 29th Charles Nelis took over 2 minutes of his Pb set only a week previous at Wardown Parkrun, in a time 24.04. Also at Wardown Ian Pitkin ran a Pb of 22.23.  
Well done everyone on a terrific month of running. In August we have our Alf brown handicap race and our very own Striders 5 and 10 mile race. We hope to see as many of you there as possible, whether as a participant or a helper.
Good Luck with all your running ventures this month.      

3 Aug - Alf Brown Handicap Race - Results
Here are the Alf Brown Results. Well done to Beginner's Course Graduate Dawn Keveren in winning. I have included your run time and the difference between tonight's race and your handicap predicted time. You can also see how many mins per mile you have improved by since your handicap time races. Everyone should be chuffed with their results tonight. It was so awesome to see so many new faces.

Pos Name: Run time Difference to Handicap in mins Minutes per mile improvement since handicap races
1 Dawn Keveren 23:08:00 4:04:00 2:02:00
2 Evelyn Lutterodt 18:43:00 2:29:00 1:14:30
3 Ian Curry 15:21:00 2:13:00 1:06:30
4 Dave Adam 17:00:00 2:03:00 1:01:30
5 Martin Read 13:57:00 2:01:00 1:00:30
6 Emma Meenan 21:51:00 1:37:00 0:48:30
7 Debbie Thayne 22:09:00 1:38:00 0:49:00
8 Stephen Tucker 15:04:00 1:44:00 0:52:00
9 Geraldine O'Reilly 18:15:00 1:44:00 0:52:00
10 Tom Khan 20:34:00 1:31:00 0:45:30
11 Peter Brown 11:51:00 1:31:00 0:45:30
12 Kat Tuloo 16:06:00 1:30:00 0:45:00
13 Amrik Singh 17:32:00 1:29:00 0:44:30
14 Karen Bull 19:07:00 1:25:00 0:42:30
15 Kerry Dean 17:08:00 1:21:00 0:40:30
16 Gary Bartlett 20:21:00 0:16:00 0:08:00
17 Michael Tucker 13:34:00 1:09:00 0:34:30
18 Donna Wiggett 18:55:00 1:07:00 0:33:30
19 Claire Bracey 24:08:00 1:05:00 0:32:30
20 Chris Treleven 14:12:00 1:02:00 0:31:00
21 Laura Sharman 18:52:00 1:02:00 0:31:00
22 Christine Khan 21:03:00 1:02:00 0:31:00
23 Allison Butler 34:08:00 1:02:00 0:31:00
24 Pam Abbitt 20:04:00 1:02:00 0:31:00
25 Gordon McCulloch 17:03:00 1:02:00 0:31:00
26 Dawn Boon 17:15:00 1:11:00 0:35:30
27 Marie Haywood 17:59:00 1:01:00 0:30:30
28 Paul Duffy 15:54:00 1:00:00 0:30:00
29 Lucinda Phillpott 21:35:00 0:59:00 0:29:30
30 Dean Hayward 13:32:00 0:55:00 0:27:30
31 Christine Lathwell 13:07:00 0:52:00 0:26:00
32 Siobhan Jenkins 18:04:00 0:50:00 0:25:00
33 Hannah Fothergill 14:40:00 0:42:00 0:21:00
34 Tom Rankin 11:06:00 0:41:00 0:20:30
35 Rudi Bartlett 17:33:00 0:40:00 0:20:00
36 Philip Davies 12:16:00 0:38:00 0:19:00
37 Estelle Parkins 19:53:00 1:04:00 0:32:00
38 Ian Pitkin 13:36:00 0:35:00 0:17:30
39 Adrian Moore 14:37:00 0:32:00 0:16:00
40 Kulwinder Assra 17:56:00 0:31:00 0:15:30
41 Karen Harkin 18:55:00 0:24:00 0:12:00
42 Carly Eaves 16:06:00 0:22:00 0:11:00
43 Christine Mack 16:39:00 0:19:00 0:09:30
44 Andy Durrant 14:32:00 0:16:00 0:08:00
45 Zena Ellis 18:42:00 0:12:00 0:06:00
46 Ellie Ballinger 16:19:00 0:14:00 0:07:00
47 Karen Gallagher 18:32:00 0:10:00 0:05:00
48 Liz Davies 15:52:00 0:09:00 0:04:30
49 Gez Fallon 12:06:00 0:07:00 0:03:30
50 Tony Riley 16:26:00 0:03:00 0:01:30
51 Paul Keech 13:45:00 0:00:00 0:00:00
52 Daniel Mann 12:56:00 7 secs over
53 Beck Webb 30:49:00 9 secs over
54 John Chapman 12:04:00 14 secs over
55 David Wynn 37:19:00 5 mins 10 over


Stopsley Strider Club Member Profile - Mark Layzell
I work at the University of Bedfordshire at Park Square, Luton as a Technician/Demonstrator in The School of Media and Performance.
Did you do sport at school?
Not very good at school sports and did not try to hard neither, which looking back was a great regret!
When did you start running & why?
I started running on our clubs 2014 beginners course as I wanted to get fit enough to run that years Luton Half marathon in October.
What made you come to Stopsley Striders?
Quite simple it is the closest running club to me and I heard they were a very friendly club to join!
What is your favourite run/course?
The revised 2015 Luton half marathon course that runs around the beautiful Luton Hoo estate and finishes in the town centre!
What is your best run?
The Finchley 20 not in relation to time but I completed the 20 miles distance that was the most important achievement for me after all the training that when in beforehand.
What was your worst run?
In the Silverstone 10k race in 2016 I struggled with form and a plantar fasciitis injury. The time was so bad that after the race I felt like giving up running but glad I didn’t.
What was your most memorable run?
My last Greater London parkrun at Pymmes, Edmonton that completed my capital challenge of running all 47 London parkruns in a year for charity! It was also great to celebrate this milestone with some of my friends that come with me from our club!
Do you like cross-country?
Yes but only done one race for the club that I plan to rectify that in this year three counties cross country league.
Assuming you have spare time, what are your other hobbies/interests?
Love watching live sport from both Luton football and rugby clubs and in the summer Middlesex County Cricket club at the iconic Lords ground London.
How many times a week do you run?
Going to start running 3-4 times a week now my challenge is over.
What is your average weekly mileage?
Hope to get back into running between 15-20 miles a week.
Do you do speed work or specialist training?
Normally coach on the speed work sessions on a Thursday, but going to have to add more personal speed work sets into my own training as I am looking to improve my PB’s over multiple distances from 5K to 10 Miles!
Do you follow a diet regime before competing?
Try to cut out all the unhealthy foods but I would be lying if I didn’t say it wasn’t difficult.
What piece of your kit do you think is the most important?
Trainers for me as they need to be both comfortable and support your feet for the long periods of time while running!
Who is your hero?
Mo Farah that with all the setbacks he has had in his life shows with his hard work and determination managed to become one of the worlds best middle distance runners of all time!
What do you like about the club?
It is a very friendly club that is inclusive to all runners and not dependent on ability, plus has a great community ethos about it!
What would be your advice to a new club member?
Seeing as at the moment I am the person who looks after the new members contact email, I would say all the coaches are available to help you out and don’t be afraid to ask that running question even if you may think it could be trivial to us!
What is your running song to get you over that line?
Sorry don’t listern to music while I am running especially on the roads/footpaths, it’s a safety issue for me!
Other profiles -
Thom Darby
- Chris Green - Zena Ellis - Andy Ward - Miriam Linforth - Dave Debnam
Phil Nitchin - Martin Smith - Liz Rollinson

Club Championships 2017 UPDATED
Following April's committee meeting, the club champs have been clarified. We will award the top 3 in each category going up in 5 years from V35 and obviously have a senior category. These will be awarded at the monthly social.
Oakley 20m - 2nd April Results
Flitwick 10k - 9th April Results
Marston 5k - 16th June Results
Wolverton 5m - 26th Nov TBC
Leighton 10m - 17th Sept Entry
Luton Half Marathon - 29th Oct Entry
Any marathon between start of Feb and end of Oct

2017 Beds County Championship UPDATED
Are as follows:
20 Mile - Oakley - will be held on 2nd April Results
10km -  Flitwick - will be held on 9th April Results
5 Mile - John O'Callaghan - Luton will be held on 25th June Results
5km - Doug Anderson - Bedford will be held on  26th July Results
10 Mile - Leighton Buzzard - will be held on 17th September Entry
Half Marathon - Wootton - will be held on 3rd December

Power of 10
Want to know how you are ranked in the UK click here.

Capital parkrun Adventures!
I have set myself a challenge of running in all 47 Greater London parkruns in one year for charity, which started on the 25-06-16 at the Dulwich and finished on 3-06-17 at Pymmes
If you would like to know more about this challenge here is my accompanying website
Mark Layzell

Luton Athletics History
I run for Kent AC in London, but grew up in Luton and recently took part in Wardown parkrun.
I have written a bit about the history of running in the town, which might be of interest to you:
Through searching in British Newspaper Archive I have taken the history back to the 1870s. Let me know if you spot any howlers...
Best wishes
Neil Gordon-Orr

Luton Marathon 1990
Over 30 Striders took part in the race with others helping marshal.
Bill Barrett was first Strider home in 2:44:12
More information, results etc.can be found on

My Year as a Parkrun Tourist by Amanda Rankin
12 different parkruns over 12 months
Click here

Striding January 1991
Newsletter from 25 years ago
About our Club President becoming a Strider in 1983
A RUNNING MUM by Karen Ashby
Running while pregnant
Training for London

Club Nights
We know it’s difficult for some people but members are arriving after 7:30 on club nights. It would be helpful if as many members as possible could arrive between 7:20 and 7:30. This would help to reduce the queue when paying and be ready to run after the announcements.

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