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UPDATED 04/08/19
If you would like to make a contribution to this notice board please email me.
The next committee meeting will be - 02/09/19

Anyone wishing to submit an item for discussion should hand his or her written submission to
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NEW Chairman’s Comments
July 2019

July has not worked out as I planned this year for me and I am writing this having not run at all this month, the longest I have ever gone without a run since joining the club 8 years ago. Anyway, hopefully I will be back running again soon.

The beginners course came to an end and we had a big celebration at Luton Wardown parkrun record numbers of finishers at the parkrun - 435, with approx 70 beginners graduating. Thank you to all those members who came out in support on the day, helped pack and carry goodie bags, supported with the groups throughout the 12 weeks you really have made everyone feel very welcome. It has been a brilliant year again for the beginners course and I think we shall see many of them become members. We now have 4 weeks of beginners speedwork planned and track sessions, this will ease our graduates into speedwork. Can I also encourage members to make the most of the pace signs up around the room on a Monday night - these are really useful for new members and for coaches who like to know who runs at what pace.

Luton AC Summer Series have been as popular as ever, I think more popular this year with the slightly earlier start time, well done all those who took part. The Fairlands Valley Relays are always a brilliant night and were very much missed this month due to the weather, fingers crossed they will be held on another night.

The weather has been bonkers this month and for the first time since I have been chair we cancelled a club night because it was too hot. Please be careful when out running in the heat and if you don’t already consider carrying water with you.

Next month is the trail race - please shout about it on social media, run it or marshal.


Relive: Awards Evening
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2019 Club Championships
Friday 7th June 2019 Marston 5km - Results
Sunday 30th June 2019 John O'Callaghan 5m - Results
Sunday 21st July 2019 Luton 10km - Results
Sunday 22nd September 2019 Leighton 10m - Entry
Sunday 27th October 2019 Luton Half Marathon - Entry
Any 20 Mile Jan - Dec 2019
Any Marathon Jan - Dec 2019

2019 Beds County Championships
20 Mile Oakley 24th March - Results
5 Mile John O'Callaghan Luton 30th June - Results
10km  Bedfordshire AAA road race Bedford on Friday 19th July - Results
5km Doug Anderson Bedford will be held on Wednesday 31st July - Results
10 Mile Leighton Buzzard   22nd September - Entry
Half Marathon Wootton 1st December - Entry
Marathon - No Championships in 2019

Dates For Your Diary
Sun 11th August - Stopsley 5 & 10 mile trail race - Entry
Thur 22nd August - Alf Brown handicap run
Fri 20th September - Charity Dinner, Disco & Raffle

NEW June 2019 Running Report by Christine Lathwell

This has been a very busy month two Club Championship races, last marathon of the seasion maybe. We went from the wettest week to train in to the hottest. You are all running extremley well so many Pbs and achievements this month.

June 1st & 2nd
The striders were all over the place on Sunday.
The Bedford 10km 10 Striders completed the course it was a rather warm morning Gez Fallon 41:59, Dean Haywood 47:54, Martin West 56:28, Mark Smith 56:56, Amanda Scott 1:01:00, Antonia Munn 1:02:53, Geraldine O’reilly 1:05:00, Gary Bartlett 1:07:17, Karen Bull 1:11:42 and Loraine Noakes 1:13:52.
One Strider decided he has done two marathons in eight days so was ready for his first ultra Sanjay Roy travelled to Tullaroan in Ireland to compete in a 40 miler Ultra. Sanjay Roy 6th 7:14:44 with a run and walk approach. He passed many people in the last miles who had gone wat to hard at the begin.
One Strider competed in Grassmoor 10km Charles Nelis 47:12.
One Strider did his regular travel to Poole 10km John Chapman 42:27.
It was also the Dunstable Trail Relays only two mixed teams this year but still very enjoyable. Kerry Dear 31:22, Philip Davies 23:29 and me 23:10 came 4th Mixed Team. Martin Read 26:00, Calista Strange 30:01 and Stuart Strange 23:44 came 6th Mixed Team.

June 7th
The Second of our Club Championships and an excellent turnout of 49 Striders at Marston 5km. It was a lovely evening for a run and bbq afterwards. Lots of you took full advantage of the fast and flat course.
Robert Barnes 16:54 2nd, Peter Brown 19:13 Pb, Tom Rankin 19:20 and that completes the winning Mens Team, Me 19:20 2nd Senior, Ahmed Berrah 19:30, Gez Fallon 19:54, John Chapman 20:06, Danny Kelly 20:09, Ian Curry 20:33 Pb, Christian Berdenkamp 20:48, Shaun Mutter 21:34, Charles nelis 21:52, Andrew Reid 22:17, John Ryan 22:29 PB, Thomas Darby 22:40, Andrew Durrant 24:14, Nicola Abubacker 24:42, Calista Strange 24:57 Pb, Kerry Dear 24:59 Pb, Dave Adams 25:50, Nadia Hall 25:53, Lisa French 25:58, Martin West 26:00, Karen Ashby 26:06, Mark Smith 26:09, Finbar Willis 27:23, Kulwinder Assra 27:23, Evelyn Lutterodt 27:37, Kirsty Yates 27:57 Pb, Antonia Munn 27:58, Kate Neale 28:02, Ruth Doyle 28:03 Pb, Amanda Scott 28:31, Zena Ellis 28:41, Julie Tysoe 28:50, Amrik Singh 28:57 Pb, Philip Abbitt 28:54, Dawn Boon 29:27, Helen Metcalfe 29:29 Pb, Gary Barlett 29:32 PB, Katricia Blanchand 30:07, Estelle Parkins 30:55, Andrea Watts 33:29 Pb, Phil Nitchen 34:33, Jill Bywaters 34:34, Kate Mutter, Paul Habben 47:57, Valerie Dawson 47:59.
Also thank you for all the Striders who came and supported us all and took lots of great photos.

June 8th & 9th
One Strider continues to wear her Strider vest solo in Ireland Donna Wiggett competed in Killclogher 10km 1:07: Pb.
On Sunday 15 Striders competed in the St Albans Half Marathon
Michael Tucker 1:28:28, Charles Nelis 1:43:56, Chris Treleaven 1:51:19, Calista Strange 1:59:19 Pb, Ingo Frommholz 2:00:24, Kerry Dear 2:03:53 Pb, Peta Henry 2:08:24, Natasha Hall 2:11:55 Pb, Nadia Hall 2:14:12, Kulwinder Assra 2:18:10, Kate Neale 2:19:55, Dave Adams 2:25:23, Lucy Joseph 2:28 Pb and Evelyn Lutterodt 2:29:02.Liz Barker 2:43 Pb In the 5km 3 Striders competed in the 5km Rickey Avis 33:21, Julie Tysoe 35:29 and Jennifer Avis 39:24.
All got a lovely refreshing lolly for finishing.
The Aldbury 5.3km had 3 Striders competed Ellie Davies, Liz Davies and Stewart Read. They all got a lovely mug that Stewart made into a medal.

June 15th & 16th
One Strider did the Bubble Rush 5km Amanda Rankin. Looked like a lot of messy fun while running.

June 21st
It was a very early start for a lot of Striders unlike me this is my normal working time for me to be up and biking to work which was 4am to have fun running on London Luton Airport Runway 5km to see the Sunrise and pretending to be an airplane and taking photos of a beautiful sunrise with nothing in the way. Some of the many Striders that competed Philip Abbitt, Pam Abbitt, Nicola Abubacker, Katicia Blanchard, Soraya Bowen, David Brown, Graham Couch, Nikki Cox, Vicki Crowston, Ruth Doyle, Bridget Drimussis, Tricia Forde, Karen Gallagher, Theresa Gunnell, Nadia Hall, John Morrow, Antonia Munn, Kate Neale, Loraine Paine, Maria Petts, Martin Pretoria, Amanda Rankin, Simon Router, Calista Strange, Sylvia Thomas, Barbora Uhrakova and Finbar Willis.
In the evening a number of Striders competed at St Albans Solstice 10km at 8pm this time you are trying to beat the sun setting. Roughly 10 Striders did both races. Shaun Mutter 44:21, Andy Reid 47:13, Sanjay Roy 48:15, Lorraine Bennie 50:49, Nicholas Cox 50:36, Nicola Abubacker 52:09, Karen Ashby 54:29, Peta Henry 55:51, Graham Couch 58:41, Phillipe Sleet 59:41, Amanda Scott 1:00:19, Philip Abbitt 1:02:02, Nadia Hall 1:03:35, Simon Router 1:04:57, Tricia Forde 1:08:19, Loraine Paine 1:08:18, John Morrow 1:09:16, Amanda Rankin 1:10:53, Sharon Chesham 1:13:23, Claire Bracey 1:16:10, Jill Bywaters 1:16:13, Kate Mutter 1:20:13, Hillary Wildman 1:20:16 and Martin Ball 1:26:58.

June 22nd & 23rd
One Strider competed in Dunstable Downs 10km trail Ray Charlton 54:15 his first 10km trail.
Three Striders competed at Welwyn 10km a warm day I believe. Colin Bunner, Philip Davies, Andrew Durrant and Liz Davies.

June 25th
Three Striders went to the Harpenden Arrow Invitationwl evening Kate Neale, Chales and Christen Berdenkamp.

June 29th & 30th
It was the third of our Club Championship races, another excellent turnout of 51 Striders at John O’Callaghan 5 miler. It was an early time and definatly made a difference to the number of entries to the whole race. For such a tough course many of you enjoyed it and got great Pbs.
Robert Barnes ran an excellent race following the winner as always Darren Dead to finish 2nd 27:38 Pb, a Club record and 1st Beds Champion Senior, Philip Davies 32:49, Me 32:56 1st Beds Champion V40, Adrian Cropp 33:07, Danny Kelly 33:23 Pb, Gez Fallon 33:49, John Chapman 34:24, Martin Fallon 34:30, Chris Lamont 35:14 1st Beds Champion V65, Eammon Devane 35:21 a great run after a standing charity cycle for hours the day before. Ian Curry 35:23 Pb, Pat Blessing 35:49, Charles Nelis 37:06, John Ryan 37:57, Thom Darby 41:16, Alan Weir 41:39 1st Beds Champion V70, Stewart Read 42:41 V45 Pb, Hicham Hasnaow 43:06 Pb first ever race, Kerry Dear 43:42 Pb, Barbora Ukrakova 43:58 Pb, Mark Smith 44:04 Pb, Martin West 44:13 Pb, Nadia Hall 44:46 Pb, Calista Strange 44:56, David Brown 45:54, Tony Riley 46:10, Lucy Joseph 47:00, Graham Couch 47:25, Evelyn Lutterodt 48:01, Ruth Doyle 48:53 Pb by over 6 minutes, Amanda Scott 50:11, Antonia Munn 50:21 Pb, Rudy Barlett 50:53, Helen Metcalfe 51:48 51:48, Bridgett Drimussis 52:12 Pb, Loraine Paine 53:07 Pb, Elizabeth Mcginley 53:21 1st Beds Champion V70, John Morrow 54:20, Jill Bywaters 56:17, Gary Barlett 56:27, Francess Moss 56:45 1st Beds Champion V60, Tricia Forde 56:45 Pb, Sylvia Thomas 56:50 Pb, Loraine Noakes 57:09 Pb, Lucinda Philpott 57:28 Pb by 2 minutes, Maria Petts 60:53, Claire Bracey 61:02, Dawn Keveren 61:11, Hillary Wildman 63:16, Mary Brennan 63:20 and Thomas Murphy 69:54 1st V80 and Beds Champion V80.
Thank you to all Striders that came and supported us and took great photos.

Congratulations to all Striders who competed this month some excellent times and awards achieved. If I have missed you this month let me know and it can be added. Enjoying all your facebook photos and comments. Good Luck in all July races. There is the beds champs 10km and 5km races, the remaining two races of the Luton Series and the Fairlands 3km Relay. Is It possible to get as many Pbs next month Striders I hope so as you are all training well and enjoying yourselfs at the same time.

Stopsley Steppers Walking Group
Click here for leaflet
Our jogging club is so friendly and supportive to runners of all standards, from beginners, joggers, sprinters to inspirational athletes and celebrates achievements big and small. The social side of running is just as important to many of us as the fitness and progression, which can be seen and heard at our club nights, running & fund raising events and ever popular monthly socials.  
But when we’re injured or just not feeling like running we can lose that regular contact with the club and members. Amanda & I have both had injuries and circumstances that have stopped us running in the past and at times have felt isolated and low, and even lost confidence in our ability to return to club. It was on one of these occasions that we were walking one evening, when the idea came to us of organising a walking group on a Social Night.
So after consultation with the committee, Stopsley Steppers was born. An inclusive walking group, for anyone who would like a steady 2-2.5 mile walk, knowing there’s a tail walker so no one will be left behind. Adding the option of finishing at Inspire or Stopsley Working Men’s Club, for some good food, good company and even a drink or two – who could resist!
We have had 3 monthly walks to date, with attendance growing each time. The most recent, on 24th January was themed, ‘Three Birds Squared’, along or passing streets with bird names, 9 in total.

A few walkers were returning from injury, two have been receiving hospital treatment, and others just fancied a walk.
Many thanks to all who have joined us and for the positive responses.
“I really enjoyed it, a great way to reconnect with the club, I’m so glad I came, it’s a great idea. Don’t know why I didn’t come before.”
“I haven’t been to a social for a while ‘cos I haven’t been running. I’m so pleased to be able to join everyone.”
“We’ve had a good catch up, really enjoyed it.”
“I didn’t know if I would make it, but I did!”
“Great for the club as it keeps members in touch who may otherwise drift away due to injury or other circumstances.”
“Thank you, I really enjoyed the walk.”
“It’s a great idea. I couldn’t run the last two weeks and just sit at home knowing you guys are running it’s not ideal. I think everyone who is injured or coming back from injury would appreciate sessions like this.”
We’re delighted to hear your comments and that it has taken off so well. The icing on the cake for us is that other members are now organising walks on club nights too.
Our next Social Night is Thursday 21st February and the Steppers walk is ‘From Pillar to Post.’ Details and a reminder will be on Striders Facebook page during the week before. Please join us, everyone is welcome.
Lizzy Evans & Amanda Rankin, Feb 2019.

Three Counties Cross Country
2019-20 dates:
Sunday 3rd November 2019 Wellingbough
Sunday 24th November 2019 Wing
Sunday 8th December 2019 Wooten
Sunday 15th December 2019 Standalone
Sunday 12th January 2020 Dunstable

Silent Runner
Mark Layzell's running blog for eveyone. Click here

Striders Race Speadsheet LAST UPDATED 14/06/19

This spreadsheet has times collected from the race sheets for everyone that has put something down this year. Every one has their own tab, which are at the bottom.
The line with your name in that has times in bold are your lifetime PB for each distance. The line with your age category is your age group PB for each distance.
Any times that are highlighted on the chart in yellow, are lifetime PB's achieved. Any times highlighted in green are the age category PB's achieved.

Stopsley Strider Club Member Profile - Kerry Dear
Occupation - Funeral Arranger

Did you do sport at school?
Hardly any I would do anything to avoid p.e at school.

When did you start running & why?
I decided to start running in July 2016. I have Crohns Disease so running and core work always made my stomach hurt. With the help of Martin physically having to push me down the road I started my running journey (kicking and screaming). We started with short local runs where if needed I could turn back home should I feel unwell. We heard about Parkrun and have been regular visitors to Wardown Park I'm on run 69.

What made you come to Stopsley Striders?
It's all to easy after work to go home and settle into a couch and tv routine and tell yourself that you'll go out tomorrow. When you join a club you have accountability and look forward to meeting your group.

What is your favourite run/course?
Oakley 20. Not only does it have a great hoodie the course is beautiful and the marshals are so supportive. I felt really strong on this run.

What was your worst run?
Harpenden Half Marathon was horrendous. The weather was awful and there was cross country early on. The t-shirt was tiny and I got a coaster instead of a medal. I definitely won't do this one again.

What was your most memorable run?
Brighton Marathon. We spent the weekend in Brighton with other striders preparing for the marathon and sharing our experiences and comparing aches and pains. It was a really emotional run and was lovely to have others to share this with.

Do you like cross-country?
NO I have really weak ankles and running on the grass really hurts them.

Assuming you have spare time, what are your other hobbies/interests?
I like getting out with my dog Doris it helps to destress from work. I love to box and let off steam and also eating out (this is the real reason I run).

How many times a week do you run?
I run around 3 to 4 times a week.

What is your average weekly mileage?
I don't have a weekly mileage but I have a target of 100+ a month.

Do you do speed work or specialist training?
I have attended a couple of speed sessions. I am considering attending track as I've been told it can help in achieving PBs

Do you follow a diet regime before competing?
I have to be careful with the food I eat on a daily basis and tend to eat quite healthily. I used to train starved but after talking to fellow striders now use a two hour window before a race to have a small bowl of porridge. I will miss carbs with carbs with carbs on the side now marathon training is over.

What piece of your kit do you think is the most important?
My Garmin. If you don't track your run does it even count ?

Who is your hero?
Anyone who overcomes difficult circumstances and those who refuse to be a victim of their surroundings. Unfortunately in my profession I see a lot of heartbreak and sadness but when I get updates from families I've helped during their grief and see that they have taken on new challenges and have turned their grief into something possitive it's fantastic.

What do you like about the club?
I really enjoy the social aspect of striders whether it be chatting on a club night or social to going for a well earned breakfast after a longer run.

What would be your advice to a new club member?
Start in a slower group untill your confident with your running style and speed. There's nothing more demoralizing then being the one trailing behind in a faster group.

What is your running song to get you over that line?
I've stopped listening to music on runs as I found it isolated me from other striders and my surroundings. There are some great conversations to be had on a run.

Thom Darby - Chris Green - Zena Ellis - Andy Ward - Miriam Linforth - Dave Debnam
Phil Nitchin - Martin Smith - Liz Rollinson - Mark Lazell - Ian Pitkin - Karen Bull

Power of 10
Want to know how you are ranked in the UK click here.

Luton Athletics History
I run for Kent AC in London, but grew up in Luton and recently took part in Wardown parkrun.
I have written a bit about the history of running in the town, which might be of interest to you:
Through searching in British Newspaper Archive I have taken the history back to the 1870s. Let me know if you spot any howlers...
Best wishes
Neil Gordon-Orr

Luton Marathon 1990
Over 30 Striders took part in the race with others helping marshal.
Bill Barrett was first Strider home in 2:44:12
More information, results etc.can be found on

My Year as a Parkrun Tourist by Amanda Rankin
12 different parkruns over 12 months
Click here

Striding January 1991
Newsletter from over 25 years ago
About our former Club President becoming a Strider in 1983
A RUNNING MUM by Karen Ashby
Running while pregnant
Training for London

Club Nights
We know it’s difficult for some people but members are arriving after 7:30 on club nights. It would be helpful if as many members as possible could arrive between 7:00 and 7:30. This would help to reduce the queue when paying and be ready to run after the announcements.

Runners World Calculators
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Age Graded Calculator
Age grading is a way of putting all race participants on a level playing field, regardless of age or gender. Age-graded scores let you compare your race times to those of different runners, as well as to the standard for your age and gender.
To calculate your performance,
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