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Stopsley Striders Charity for 2017 - 2018

The Luton and Dunstable Hospital Charitable Fund is a
registered charity in England and Wales, no 1058704

The specific code for cardiac rehabilitation is LD9P
If anyone makes direct donations that code needs to go on any cheques etc.

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UPDATED 15/11/17
If you would like to make a contribution to this notice boardplease email me.
The next committee meetings will be held on 4th Dec 2017
Anyone wishing to submit an item for discussion should hand his or her written submission to
Andy Reid or to any other committee member.
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Chairpersons Comments
This month started with the Willow 10K which saw a large group of Striders mixed with Dunstable Road Runners and parkrunners to form the purple parkrun team in memory of Lisa Langford. It was an emotional day but a beautiful one, I’m sure Lisa would have been so proud to see so many of her friends and fellow runners sporting purple and running for her.
October is when we see the clocks go back, the evenings get darker and the start of our cross country season. The first cross country event of the year is probably the toughest with the infamous stream in Wellingborough. We had a strong team of Striders taking part, including many new faces to cross country, well done all who ran.
The Love Luton Half Marathon was back again at the end of the month with the new 10K happening alongside. This is one of my favourite races of the year and the first one I have missed, it sounded like a great day for it, with a big group of Striders out in force and some amazing times achieved. Well done to all those who managed to get a PB on such an undulating course.
The club is 35 years old this year and to mark this Cheryl made a beautiful cake for the October social, thank you. This is also our last committee meeting of the current committee and I would like to thank you all for your support and encouragement this year and I look forward to the new ideas, challenges and enthusiasm the new committee will bring to the club.
Stay safe and stay seen when running,.
Zena Ellis

Running Report for October 2017 by Christine Lathwell  NEW
Its been a very busy month for the Striders with charity races, our local Love Luton Half Marathon and first Love Luton 10km also our club championship race. The Cross Country session has started with our first Three Counties League race.  Also many Striders extending their race distances. 
Some race results missed from Septembers report. Some Striders ran the Henlow 10 on 29-09-17, Chris Lamont 68:01:29 V65 club record, Carly Eaves 1:36:00. Rebecca Webb went further for her first 10km Disney Paris ran in 1:31:00. 
October 1st 
It was Standalone 10km Chris Lamont 40:18 V65 club record, Ian Curry 52:26 Pb, Gary Bartlett 1:05:53 Pb. It was the willow 10km our club charity, it was a good turn out of Striders and lots of money raised. Charles Nelis 50:20 Pb, Helen Douglas 56:20 Pb. Two striders did the chilly traiathon a sprint distance race, Linda Scanlon 1:16:00, Miriam Linforth 1:27:10. 
October 7th & 8th 
On the 7th  Vicki Crowston ran Wardown Parkrun 27:05 Pb. 
On the 8th it was the Herts 10km, Charles Nelis 47:22, David Brown 56:07 Pb, Vicki Crowston finished her weekend by another Pb in 57:29., Julie Tysoe 1:07:01 Pb first 10km, Jennifer Avis 1:16:47 Pb first 10km she did with no walking, A few Striders ran the Royal Half Marathon, Liam Cook 1:58:00 Pb, Siobhan Jenkins 2:16:50 Pb. A few Strider ran the Ridgeway run 16km Philip Davies 1:11:26 Pb, Ian Pitkin 1:19:39 Pb, Valerie Dawson 1:43:29 Pb first 16km. Several Striders ran The Great Eastern Half Marathon Rob Barnes 1:15:03, Chris Lamont 1:29:09 V65 club record, Rick Hares ran Shoredich 10km 47:01. Alan Barry went to the Chicago Marathon and ran an excellent 2:54:04 Pb. 
October 14th & 15th  
On the 14th at Wardown Parkrun Dawn Keveren 36:32 Pb, Lucinda Philpott 31:47 Pb. 
Elevlyn Lutterott ran Rock n Roll Lisbon Half Marathon 2:08:56. I ran the Ampthill Trophey came 2nd  Overall. 
October 21st & 22nd 
On the 21st at Wardown Parkrun Amrik Singh 28:08 Pb, Karen Bull first time under 30 minutes 29:30. 
On the 22nd Our first cross country league meeting at Wellingbough. We had a good turnout as it's not a nice course but luckly the ditch crossings were changed to an easier ditch. The Mens team came 7th with Rob Barnes an excellent 3rd. Followed by some great performances from men new to cross country. The Ladies team came 9th with Kulwinder and Karen enjoying their first cross country race. Team Overall came 7th. A great start to the season.  
Valerie Dawson ran the Great South Run 1:35:21 Pb. 
October 28th & 29th 
On the 28th Martin Smith ran Wardown Parkrun 27:09 Pb. 
On the 29th Our Local Love Luton Half Marathon and first Love Luton 10km. We had such a big turnout of Striders it took several attempts for a full team photo and still didn't quite get everyone in it. In the 10km Alan Barry came an excellent 3rd place 36:30 Pb, Charles Nelis 45:46 Pb, Dave Adams 58:56 Pb, Amrik Singh 59:21, Karen Gallagher 1:00:06 Pb first 10km, Geraldine Reilly 1:00:45 Pb, Teressa Abbott 1:00:54 Pb, Karen Bull Pb 1:02:20, Lucinda Philpott 1:06:56 Pb. In the Half Marathon Tom Rankin ran an excellent 7th Overall 1:23:02 Pb , John Chapman 1:30:02 1st V55 would have gone under 1:30 if hadn't stopped to retye his shoelaces on route. Ahmed Berrah 1:31:15 first Half,  Linda Scanlan 1:34:40 Pb 1st V35 and 4th Overall, I did 1:35:04 1st V 40 5th  Overall, Philip Davies 1:35:18 Pb, Martyn Porthouse 1:40:41 Pb, Rick Hares 1:43:23 Pb, Ian Pitkin 1:44:42 Pb, Alan Weir 1:50:01 1st V70, Elevlyn Lutterott 1:57:48 Pb, Helen Douglas 1:58:23 Pb, Kerry Dear 2:10:58 Pb, Liz Evans 2:25:12 Pb first Half, Pam Abbott 2:39:56 1st V 65. 
Well Done to all Striders that ran this month but are not mentioned. We have are last club championship race at Wolverton 5 this month, Are next cross country league race at Wootten, come and join in the fun and help improve are team places. Happy racing and look forward to more Pbs and achivements next month. 

2017 Annual General Meeting
Re-elected committee members are as follows:-
Zena Ellis - Chairperson
Andy Reid - Secretary
Thom Darby - Treasurer
Phil Nitchin - Men's Captain
Christine Lathwell - Lady's Captain
Miriam Linforth - Committee Member
John Chapman - Committee Member
Helen Morris - Committee Member
Newly elected committee members are:-
Karen Bull, Lucinda Philpott and Penny Kilby

Re-elected Vice-Presidents are as follows:-
Karen Ashby, Helen Morris, Tony Green, Chris McLean and Bill Barrett.
Newly elected Vice-President is Andy Ward.

Our two club London Marathon places were won by Evelen Lutterodt and John Ryan.

A cheque was presented to the last years club charity Willow. We raised in total over £2754.

Our new club charity for the coming year is the Cardiac Rehabilitation Team at the L&D nominated by Amanda Rankin.
I would like to nominate the team I work for at Luton &Dunstable hospital - the Cardiac Rehabilitation team. I know a few club members will have an idea of what we do as they or their family have have been through the service but for those who don't let me give you an idea. Up until 10 years ago I too had very little idea of the role of cardiac rehab. I was working as a sister on the coronary care unit and was asked to take on a 6  month secondment to the cardiac rehab team. I decided to give it a try and 10 years later am still with them. It was a very  steep learning curve for me. All I knew at the time about the rehab team was that if  patient had a heart attack someone from cardiac rehab would come and see them. I had no idea of what else they did. And we do a lot.To explain briefly cardiac rehab is about supporting patients and their families after a cardiac or heart event such as bypass surgery or heart failure and maximising their return to the best quality of life possible. It has been proven to prolong  life and reduce risk of further heart problems.
For our team this  means we see patients admitted to the hospital with a heart attack or other heart diagnosis, we explain their diagnosis, the implications, tests and  generally try and answer any questions that having a heart attack throws up. We have a  book we give them to take  home too. This is one of the things we need to raise money  for. After discharge we contact them by  phone and arrange for them to come back to our outpatient clinic. At this stage we can assess their progress and together with them plan the next stage of their recovery. Its often at this stage that patients are struggling, often scared or finding it hard to cope with a change in health. We can offer psychological  support, education sessions and we also run 6 different exercise classes a week. These can play a big part in giving  patients their confidence back and letting see that life after a heart attack does go on. Often after our patients complete the 8 week programme they are  more active and  leading a healthier  lifestyle than previously.
For those of you that parkrun and know Geoff with the walking stick, he given me full permission to share with you that he is currently attending our programme and in his words " Without the  cardiology and rehab team I wouldn't be able to compete in the  parkrun. They have been brilliant. A worthy cause." I do  believe he got a PB a few weeks ago so we are  obviously doing something right. We cover all ages from 18  upwards and I know I have personally seen patients ranging from age 20 up to  94!
I also have a personal  reason for wanting to  support the team. 2 years ago my dad was taken ill after returning from a holiday in Spain. He had 2  prolonged hospital admissions and  was diagnosed with severe heart failure. It turned his  life  upside down, and  ours for a while, and he struggled to come to terms with the change in his health. Once stable he came to our programme and it proved a turning point. He realised that  although he would  never  be able to do as much as he could previously he could return to a different but good quality of life. More recently he had a pacemaker and  defibrillator fitted and can be seen most weeks marshalling at parkrun, his way  of still being involved in running. Without a cardiac rehab programme I feel  he may  have given up.
So why do we need money? We as a team,  like most areas within the NHS have limited resources and are continually having to adapt our processes to fit more in with  less money. We are looking at trying to add extra clinics and exercise groups as increased  numbers of patients mean longer than we feel acceptable waits for patients to access  our service. To do  this we need extra equipment, training and money for educational  resources. In particular we are looking at 2  new  portable electronic blood  pressure  machines and  extra patient heart rate monitors for use in the classes. We also  need to replenish the supply of books we  provide to patients We want to continue to offer and develop  the service we are proud of and to help more  patients to live well  with heart disease and I would  be grateful if we could  be considered for the club charity.

Christmas & New Year Club Meetings
There will be no club on the following days:-
Monday 25th Dec 2017 - Inspire closed all day
Thursday 28th Dec 2017 - Inspire closes at 7pm
Monday 1st Jan 2018 - Inspire closed all day

Striders Race Speadsheet
This spreadsheet has times collected from the race sheets for everyone that has put something down this year. Every one has their own tab, which are at the bottom. If my English teacher was any good then they should be in alphabetical order by surname. I have also split it into a male and female side, the women's names are first,  just click on yours and you will be able to see your times.
The line with your name in that has times in bold are your lifetime PB for each distance. The line with your age category is your age group PB for each distance.
Any times that are highlighted on the chart in yellow, are lifetime PB's achieved. Any times highlighted in green are the age category PB's achieved.
All the PB's prior to the beginning of the year that are in the bold in the top 2 lines are what I found on the club PB pag.
There are definitely going to be some inaccuracies, mistakes and missing race times, please feel free to contact me and let me know so I can correct it.
My aim is to for an updated sheet to put up on a monthly basis onto the site.
Any questions, then please feel free to ask.
Phil, Mens Captain

At the last committee meeting it was discussed about the possibility of having regular stretching/Pilates/circuits sessions led by someone who
knows what they are doing after runs on a Monday or as a prospective alternative to running on a Monday. As we have the room from 7-9 there is plenty of prospects for his to happen. If anyone is interested in running a session of this ilk then please email Thom or Zena.

Dates For Your Diary
Saturday 2nd December Striders takeover parkrun
Monday 18th December Christmas social run, tour of Christmas lights
Christmas Meal - Thurs 21st Dec - Fancott Arms
Awards Evening - Fri 16th Feb

Striders Social Night
23rd Nov 8-11pm Stopsley Working Mens Club.
Our monthly get together to enjoy a sausage roll or two and chat about our latest PB.
As always please contribute food to the buffet or make a contribution to the club charity.

Running report for September 2017 by Phil Nitchen
It’s been another fantastic month of running, with a shed load of PB’s being achieved. We have had a good turnout at our club championship 10 mile with the Leighton 10 and we had a few striders heading up to the land of Geordie for the Great North run.
2nd and 3rd
On the 2nd at Luton parkrun 3 striders achieved Pb’s, Charles Nelis ran 23.26, Lu Philpott ran 34.02 and Emma Meenan ran 35.50. There was also the Bedford half marathon, we were well represented and the race saw Pb’s for Maria Petts in 2.15.27, Daniel Mann in 1.35.51, Philip Davies in 1.36.22, Linda Scanlan in 1.35.52, Dawn Boon in in 2.13.20, Kulwinder Assra in 2.16.19, Liam Cooke in 2.05.29 and Evelyn Lutterodt in 2.07.58.
On the 3rd Liz and Philip Davies thought it’d be a good idea to run their second half marathons in 2 days by running the Dunstable Downs challenge race, well done to both of you for completing them. Alan Barry ran a Pb at the Regents park 10k in a speedy 37.20
9th and 10th
On the 9th at Luton Parkrun Charles Nelis continued his rapid improvement by gaining a Pb of 22.55. Daniel Mann ran the ‘War run’ and finshed in joint 5th place.
On the 10th was the Great north run, some runners had put GNR on the race sheet, which made me think they had been to a Guns N’ Roses concert, but common sense put me right. Marie Haywood ran a fantastic race finishing in a Pb of 2.49.41. Amanda Rankin ran the Bacchus half marathon, if you’re not aware, this race has wine stops on route, Amanda achieved a Pb of 6 glasses and unsurprisingly commented it was the best race ever. I ventured again into the world of triathlon, by completing the Woburn Abbey Olympic distance triathlon, I don’t think the Brownlees will be too worried about competition from me, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.
16th and 17th
On the 16th Evelyn Lutterodt smashed another PB at the Kew gardens 10k, running in 59.12. At Luton Parkrun, Tom Rankin ran a rapid PB of 18.14, just ahead of him was Alan Barry who ran an exceptional PB of 18.03.
On the 17th was our club championship 10 miler at the Leighton 10.  Striders done well in the Beds county champs, Paul Keech was 2nd MV55, Pam Abbitt was 2nd FV65 and hubby Phil Abbitt was 2nd MV65.
23rd and 24th
Luton Parkrun saw Chris Lamont secure a PB of 20 minutes flat and Teresa Abbott ran a PB of 29.57.
On the 24th, several Striders made the short journey down the A505 to run the Hitchin 5k, some of our newer members took part and had very successful races, Teresa Abbott ran a Pb of 28.36 just a day after getting her parkrun PB, Estelle Parkins ran a Pb of 31.35 and Gary Bartlett ran 30.59. Valerie Dawson also got a PB of 28.22. Ladies Captain Christine finished as 3rd place female, great running everyone.
As I am away on me holibobs, any runs for September put on the race sheet after the 28th will be included in October’s report, so my apologies for that.
October see’s the start of the Cross country season, beginning at Wellingborough on the 22nd, it is good fun and we hope to see as many striders there as possible. There is also the Luton half marathon and 10k which is always popular with Striders. Wishing you all a great month of running.

Cross Country
Xc page updated with dates

Stopsley Strider Club Member Profile - Ian Pitkin
Occupation: Contracts Director for a grounds maintenance contractor.
Did you do sport at school?
I played football and cricket for the school. I was a reasonable athlete, but not very good at any particular event, so didn’t represent the school.
When did you start running & why? 
I started running three years ago on my own to keep fit for cricket. I then decided to run the St Albans half marathon with a work colleague. Injured myself training and had to abort, but decided to carry on and ran the Luton half later in the year.
What made you come to Stopsley Striders? 
I wanted to improve my running and race more.
What is your favourite run/course?
Of the races I have completed the Ridgeway Run would be my favourite. Very hilly with a fabulous view from the top. Must wear my glasses this year!
 What is your best run?
Luton Half Marathon 2016. This was my benchmark having completed the event before joining the striders. I went off very quickly over the first seven miles, up and down the hills of Luton Hoo, common mistake! I slowed up, but managed to keep going and took ten minutes off my 2015 time. I had previously looked at other runners in the 1 hour 40’s thinking this beyond my capabilities.
What was your worst run?
This would have to be this years Brighton marathon, my first. Despite my years I am an inexperienced runner. I had trained since Christmas and followed my plan running five times every week, gradually building up distance to 21 miles before tapering. A temperature of 14 degrees was forecast on the morning and I had ambitiously targeted 4 hours, game on I thought. By midday the temperature was 21 degrees. I didn’t realise quickly enough and ended up being pulled off the course by a St Johns medic after 21 miles suffering from heat exhaustion. Amazingly, 45 minutes later I had recovered sufficiently to complete the last five miles. 5 hours 11 minutes was not the time I was hoping for.
What was your most memorable run?
Brighton marathon, I learnt a lot. Some things are beyond your control and you need to adapt to them.
Do you like cross-country? 
I really enjoy team races, great club spirit. It doesn’t matter if you are the fastest or slowest everyone is very encouraging. I generally like the diversity in distance and conditions, from 3k to marathon, road running to cross country.
Assuming you have spare time, what are your other hobbies/interests?
I can’t sit still. I have an allotment which takes up much of my time and provides a host of healthy fruit and veg all year round. I aspire to the ‘good life’ and will one day have chickens as well. I also like to watch my two boys playing cricket, a lovely way to relax at the weekend, often scoring.
How many times a week do you run? 
I always try to make club nights on Monday and Thursday, long run or race at the weekend and often an extra run on Tuesday. Marathon training increases it to five.
What is your average weekly mileage?
Typically about 20, but this varies depending on the distance I am training for. During marathon training this increased up to 40.
Do you do speed work or specialist training?
I am notparticularly quick on the flat, so I prefer hills. This is a mental state I have conditioned myself to believe, I don’t really! I do a lot of hill work; I have always found myself to be strong on hills during races compared to runners from other clubs.
Do you follow a diet regime before competing?
Always porridge on race morning, with a banana. I am lucky to be tolerant of any foods, pre race. I like variety when carb loading, my favourite is long grain rice with black beans, avocado and egg. There is power in those beans!
What piece of your kit do you think is the most important?
Everyone say’s shoes so I am going to be different, nipple protectors. Just as painful as shoes if you get it wrong.
Who is your hero?
Sir Ian Botham
What do you like about the club?
There is no elitism in the club; everyone has been so friendly and helpful. So many people have given me the benefit of their experience, particularly during marathon training. I have made a completely new circle of friends.
What would be your advice to a new club member?
Don’t think there are limits to how far your running can progress. This year I have achieved times I didn’t believe possible 12 months ago, for a 52-year-old beginner. 
What is your running song to get you over that line? 
Sounds boring but I never listen to music when I am running. If I ever need a song to get me over the line, it would be September by Earth, Wind & Fire.
Other profiles -
Thom Darby
- Chris Green - Zena Ellis - Andy Ward - Miriam Linforth - Dave Debnam
Phil Nitchin - Martin Smith - Liz Rollinson - Mark Lazell

2017 Club Championships
Following April's committee meeting, the club champs have been clarified. We will award the top 3 in each category going up in 5 years from V35 and obviously have a senior category. These will be awarded at the monthly social.
Oakley 20m - 2nd April Results
Flitwick 10k - 9th April Results
Marston 5k - 16th June Results
Wolverton 5m - 25th Nov Entry
Leighton 10m - 17th Sept Results
Luton Half Marathon - 29th Oct Results
Any marathon between start of Feb and end of Oct

2017 Beds County Championship
Are as follows:
20 Mile - Oakley - will be held on 2nd April Results
10km -  Flitwick - will be held on 9th April Results
5 Mile - John O'Callaghan - Luton will be held on 25th June Results
5km - Doug Anderson - Bedford will be held on  26th July Results
10 Mile - Leighton Buzzard - will be held on 17th September Results
Half Marathon - Wootton - will be held on 3rd December Entry

Power of 10
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Luton Athletics History
I run for Kent AC in London, but grew up in Luton and recently took part in Wardown parkrun.
I have written a bit about the history of running in the town, which might be of interest to you:
Through searching in British Newspaper Archive I have taken the history back to the 1870s. Let me know if you spot any howlers...
Best wishes
Neil Gordon-Orr

Luton Marathon 1990
Over 30 Striders took part in the race with others helping marshal.
Bill Barrett was first Strider home in 2:44:12
More information, results etc.can be found on

My Year as a Parkrun Tourist by Amanda Rankin
12 different parkruns over 12 months
Click here

Striding January 1991
Newsletter from over 25 years ago
About our Club President becoming a Strider in 1983
A RUNNING MUM by Karen Ashby
Running while pregnant
Training for London

Club Nights
We know it’s difficult for some people but members are arriving after 7:30 on club nights. It would be helpful if as many members as possible could arrive between 7:00 and 7:30. This would help to reduce the queue when paying and be ready to run after the announcements.

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