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Stopsley Striders Charity for 2017 - 2018
Raised so far £7300

The Luton and Dunstable Hospital Charitable Fund is a
registered charity in England and Wales, no 1058704

The specific code for cardiac rehabilitation is LD9P
If anyone makes direct donations that code needs to go on any cheques etc.

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UPDATED 09/11/18
If you would like to make a contribution to this notice boardplease email me.
The next committee meetings will be held 12th Nov 2018

Anyone wishing to submit an item for discussion should hand his or her written submission to
Karen Bull or to any other committee member.

Chairman’s Comments
September sees in a new year for many of us and some new resolutions.
The month started with the Alan Taylor Memorial run, it was a really special night remembering a treasured strider and in true spirit of cross country it rained as we were on our way to the start and then turned out to be a beautiful evening with us finishing as the sun went down. Thank you to Phil for organising.
Our pilates class with Tahira has started on a Monday night, this is a members only session taylored for runners and aimed at strengthening those core muscles we hear so much about. It is every week in our room from 8:30 - 9:15, £4.
Our annual AGM is just over a month away and we are starting to look ahead towards next year with a new committee and new adventures ahead. If you would like to be part of the Stopsley Striders committee there are various roles available and we are always looking for new ideas. If you would like to find out more about what is involved then please feel free to speak to any of us.
We have loads of events coming up in the next few months to look forward to, dates will be on the table at club and on a pinned post on the facebook page. We also have a club calendar that will be at club socials if you want to suggest something to add to the mix.
The evenings are starting to get darker now and evening runs across the fields already seem like a long time ago. Please ensure to wear bright clothing, stay seen and stay together when out running in the dark evenings.

Club Charity 2018-2019 NEW
My name is Katicia, I am a new member of Stopsley Striders as of this year and I’d like to start of with saying how proud I am to be part of such a lovely group of people. I was excited to help Amanda with the amazing fundraising she did for Cardiac Rehab, which has henceforth inspired me to be standing in front of you today.
As of today, there are 850,000 people with dementia in the UK, with the number set to rise to over a million in 2025 and to only increase after then. Dementia describes a set of symptoms that may include memory loss and difficulties with thinking, problem-solving or language. These conditions are progressive and may start of as small, but become increasingly worse until it affects everyday life. Alzheimer’s is the most common cause of dementia.
Statistics show that 225,000 people will develop dementia this year. That is one every three minutes.
Unfortunately, we know that dementia is a terminal condition. There is no cure, although there are treatments that can lessen a persons symptoms. Dementia research is greatly underfunded. Two thirds of the cost is paid by people with dementia and their families.
The vision of Alzheimer’s Research is a world where people are free from the fear, harm and heartbreak of dementia. They work to fund pioneering research, whilst raising awareness and supporting dementia.
My Nan, Margaret Blanchard was diagnosed with dementia a few years ago. To be completely honest with you when she was first diagnosed I didn’t even know what dementia was. She used to always make an orange jelly for us when we went to visit and on a special occasion, she would make one of her famous sausage plaits. I remember that she could say her ABC’s backwards and that she could make a bouquet of flowers out of toilet tissue. She was a lady of many talents.
It wasn’t long before I started to notice my Nan becoming harder to speak to. She struggled to hold conversations with our family and became less actively involved in things going on around her. I often heard my parents speaking about her and I knew something was wrong. I didn’t really hit me how badly this has affected her until I overheard my aunt saying my Nan did not recognise her when she had went to visit. The next part happened very quickly, my Nan and Grandad moved out of their home and into a care home where they received a bit more support. This is when I suddenly realised what my Nan was suffering from and how it had affected her.
Her conversations became a hard thing to keep up with, often a guessing game of what she was talking about. She frequently spoke to inanimate objects thinking they were real and imagined tiny people in her hands. My Nan began to eat a lot less. She no longer knew who I was, however she often called me an angel and that was enough of a blessing.
My Nan is now in another home. She no longer lives with my Grandad and receives 24 hour care. It’s heartbreaking to see my Nan like this and for all of this to happen so quickly. She is assisted in majority of her daily activities and is often wheelchair bound. She can no longer hold a conversation. It’s a horrible thing to witness so close to home. My heart goes out to my Dad who is staying so strong, which is something I cannot comprehend. I cannot make my Nan better but I can help find a cure for the future and I can help support services today.
Recently, Thomas’ Nan, Jean has also been diagnosed with dementia. It’s horrible to see it affecting another family.
By supporting Alzheimer’s Research you can help people access information regarding dementia, with links to local support services such as dementia cafes, and singing for the brain sessions which are all held in local communities. You are also supporting services such as leaving a gift in memory and infolines.
Something that you take part in every week is helping to raise awareness of dementia. Since 2015 parkrun and Alzheimer’s Research have joined forces to help raise awareness and also decrease the risk of dementia!
Thank you.

Annual Running Review 2017-2018 NEW
It’s been another cracking year of running from our members, so much so we could have emptied our bank account on strider of the month trophies. We have seen plenty of race wins and club records broke. A club legend was remembered and we saw some individual success in the cross country league. Here are a few of the highlights from the years running, please try to stay awake.
Rob Barnes and Tom Rankin completed the druid ridgeway challenge, a challenge that consists of running 84 miles over 3 days on muddy trails. Rob Barnes finished in an amazing 1st place. The men in white coats were called, but after a quick assessment, both were deemed to be of sound mind. John Chapman ran the Gower 13.6 mile trail race was 1st Vet 55, Paul Keech was close behind as 2nd place. We had our 2nd cross country fixture at Wotton. Despite the 20 mile trek to get to the start line, we did well on a very snug course. The men finished in 9th place and the women finished in 10th place, we finished 8th overall. Christine Lathwell represented England in the British and Irish cross country and she finished 7th female and 2nd V40 in her race. At Parkrun Philip Davies broke 20 minutes for the 1st time. We had our 5 mile club championship race at Wolverton, John Chapman in his first race as a V60 was 1st male V60, 1st eastern masters V60 and also broke the V60 club record, Christine Lathwell was 1st Eastern masters female V40 and also broke the V40 club. We had our 3rd cross country fixture at Dunstable, which is definitely a tough one, we put in a good effort, the men finished in 7th place and the ladies in 11th, overall we finished in 8th place.
At the Bedford half Robert Barnes achieved the championship qualifying time for
the London Marathon with 5 seconds to spare.  Christine travelled to Southern Masters XCountry Championships in Oxford finished 7th Overall and 3rd V40. We had the 4th cross country race at Standalone, we had a good turnout with the Men team came 8th, the. Women came 8th and we finished 8th overall. The Wardown Christmas Parkrun had a good turnout of Striders with many dressing up for the occasion. 
As is often the case, January was a quiet month, but it started with the usual plethora of runners that wanted to start the new year off on a healthy note and run off their hangovers by doing a double parkrun. Beds county cross country champs were held at at shuttleworth. Christine finished in 1st place in the women’s race. We had our final cross country league meeting of the season at Bedford. We had some excellent scoring runs, culminating in the Men’s team finishing 6th and Women’s teams finishing in 7th on the day, and both finishing 7th overall. As an entire team we finished 8th overall. There was some individual success with Christine Lathwell finishing 3rd overall in the Women’s, Rob Barnes finished 3rd in the men’s. 6 runners ran all 5 races, Pat Blessing, Philip Davies, Christine Lathwell, Matthew Lewis, Martin Fallon and Andrew Durrant. John Chapman continued his assault on the V60 category by finishing 1st in the category at the snowy and windy Folksworth 15.
There was the Southern cross country in Brighton. 6 brave souls made the trip down there to run on a very challenging course. Well done to Gez Fallon, Adrian Copp, Christine Lathwell, Pat Blessing, Glynn Simmons and Rick Hares for completing the course and especially Rick who acted as chauffeur for the and was happy to not finish last.
The training miles were being clocked up for the spring marathons. The longer races are beginning to take place and the collective bling you were accumulating was putting B.A Baracus to shame. The National cross country championship took place at the extremely muddy Parliament hill, Christine finished 69th in the woman’s race, and the men who had worst of the mud as their race was last, all put in a sterling effort, well done Gez, Martin Fallon, Pat Blessing, Paul Keech and Richard Hardy. Rob Barnes retained his title at the St Peters way 41 mile ultra, gaining a Pb in the process.
We had to contend with the beast from the east, but that didn’t stop you hardy lot from getting your miles in. At the MK festival of running Christine broke her own V40 club record in the 20 mile race. The queen of ultras Annalies Gerber was at it again ran the Sussex ultra in extremely wet and windy conditions. We had the first running of the Bedford 20 and it was a successful race for a few striders, None more so than Phil and Pam Abbitt, both of whom set new club records in their respective V65 age categories. Evelyn Lutterodt continued her amazing running streak and showed that consistency is key by running a Pb. John Chapman ran the Eton Dorney 20 miler in 2.25.48 and finished 1st V60 in the race and became the 5th ranked V60 in the country.
At the Sandy 10 miler Christine was 1st V35 in the race and in the county Alan Weir was 1st V70 in the race and county, Kulwinder Assra V45 Beds County Champion. At the Manchester marathon Andy Durrant, Maria Petts and Vicki Crowston ran their 1st marathons in fantastic times. Daniel Lewis travelled to Paris for his Marathon and got a Pb. Being beside the seaside at the Brighton Marathon Christine was 18th female overall and 3rd V40 and broke the club V40 record in the process, Ian Pitkin put the demons from the previous year behind him by taking 1hr 20 mins off the time and breaking 4 hrs in the process, Rick Hares also broke 4hrs in his 1st marathon, as did Vanessa Thompson in her 1st and Kate Neale completed her 1st marathon by adopting a walk run strategy. We had thirteen Striders travel to Virgin London Marathon. Daniel Mann volunteered to take most of them in his mini bus which was great for team spirit. It was the hottest London marathon on record, not the conditions for a Pb, but Rob Barnes (breaking the Mens Senior record in the process), Linda Scanlan, Kieran Fitzpatrick and Julie Tysoe all managed one. John Chapman broke the club V60 record and Pam Abbit broke the club V65 record. Well done to Gez Fallon, Pat Blessing, Pete Croal, Dave Hall, Martin Porthouse, Thom Darby and John Ryan for completing it in such tough conditions. At our 1st club championship we had a record breaking 44 runners at The Flitwick 10k, with lots of people claiming shiny new Pb’s. We also had the start of the beginners course, with record numbers turning up, so much so that their were people unable to get in the room it was that full.
John Chapman Broke the V60 course Record at 3 different parkruns. At the extremely hot Mk running festival, Amanda Scott got 2 Pb’s in 2 days in the 5k and half marathon respectively. One of our members unfortunately collapsed towards the end of the marathon, luckily they were ok, but it was a reminder that during extremely hot conditions we need to take care of ourselves and not overdo it. At the Silverstone 10k Christine broke the woman’s V40 club record. Not satisfied with that she went on to break the women’s V40 club record at the Blisworth 5 mile. Rob Barnes took part in an event that only crazy people would attempt. It was called the Cape Wrath Ultra, and it consisted of running 400km over 8 days in the Scottish Highlands. Not only did he complete the challenge he also finished in 1st place and had the lead for 7 of the 8 days. That is a truly phenomenal effort and I don’t think there enough superlatives in the dictionary that could cover that achievement.
We had the Martson 5k, as always we had a huge team of runners, Pam Abbitt broke the club V65 record and Christine finished 2nd and broke the V40 club record. At the St Albans half Chris Lamont was 1st V60 and Linda Scanlan was 3rd V40. At the Poole 10k John Chapman was 1st V60 and broke the V60 club record. We had the start of the Luton series with the John O’Callaghan, 5 mile race. Rob Barnes broke the men’s senior club record which had stood for nearly 2 decades, Chris Lamont was 1st V65 in the county and broke the V65 club record. We saw an act of amazing sportsmanship from Mike Tucker who was having a battle with Ahmed Berrah to the finish line. Ahmed was leading, but briefly missed the finishing chute which allowed Mike to get in front. Seeing that Ahmed had made the mistake, Mike let him back in front at the finish line. That act of sportmanship epitomises the true Stopsley Striders spirit.
We had a good turnout at the 5k race of the Luton Series. Dave Debnam was 1st V70 and Chris Lamont was 1st V60, setting a new V65 club record in the process. Christine Lathwell  1st senior woman. The beginners graduated at Luton Parkrun, Well done to all that Graduated and to the coaches that got you there it’s been fantastic to see so many continue running with Striders and continue to improve race by race.We had the last race of the Luton series with the 10k. Another good turn out in hot conditions on what is a very tough course. Gez Fallon was 1st V45 in the series, Dave Debnam was 1st V70 in the race, Christine Lathwell was 2nd senior woman in the race and 1st senior woman in the series. I travelled to Bolton and became an Ironman at Ironman UK. Unknown to me at the time I had a stress fracture in me shin during the event, putting paid to the northern myth that all southerners are softies. We had our 3k time trial, which is becoming more popular and good fun was had by all. We also had county success at the Fairlands relays, which is always a fantastic event for team camaraderie. We had some success within the county. The team of Christine Lathwell, Miriam Linforth and Vicki Crowston were 1st vet ladies in the county. The team of Rob Barnes, Philip Davies, Tom Rankin, Thom Darby and Ahmed Berrah were 3rd senior men’s team in the county and the team of Gez Fallon, Pat Blessing, Christian Bredenkamp, Paul Keech and Martin Read were 2nd vet men’s team in the county.
It was a warm evening for the Club Alf Brown Handicap Race. We had 69 members running and it was won by Paul Wigget We had our 5 and 10 mile trail race. Robert Barnes had an excellent race and won the 10 mile race breaking the course record, Gez Fallon was 3rd V40, Danny Kelly was 3rd V50, Chris Lamont was 1st V60, Christine was 1st Female, Alan Weir was 1st V70 and Helen Douglas was 2nd V45. In the 5 mile race John Chapman was 2nd male, Linda Scanlon was 1st Female, Martin Fallon was 1st V50, Daniel Mann was 1st V40, Liz Rollinson was 3rd Female, Paul Keech was 2nd V50, Graham Busch was 1st V60, Tony Riley was 1st V70, Vicki Crowston 44:56 was 1st V35, Natalie Pisani was 2nd V35, Evelyn Lutterodt was 2nd V45, Teresa Abbott was 2nd V55, and Elizabeth McGinley 1st V65.
Mike Tucker ran the Dunstable 20 mile race and finished in 3rd place. We had the inaugural running of the Alan Taylor memorial run. We had a load of runners taking part in memory of the club legend. It was a huge success and only 2 people went the wrong way, thanks to Zena’s sign stealing, but they were thankfully safe and found their way back. Running the old cross country route was a fitting way to remember Alan and long may the run continue.  Rob Barnes ran the Hardmoors 60 mile ultra and finished in 3rd place. On the 16th Karen Ashby ran the Great Eastern half and finished 4th in her age group. At the North Yorks moor race, John Chapman was 1st V60 and Danny Kelly was 2nd V55.
Rick Hares and Dean Haywood done their bit for charity by having their chests waxed after a Parkrun, Deans reaction was hilarious, fair play fellas. At the herts 10k, Rob Barnes finished 3rd. At the Ampthill trophy Christine 2nd senior lady. The Love Luton running festival was very successful, especially the half with lots of Pb’s on a very tough course. In the half Rob finished 2nd, Linda Scanlan was 4th lady, John Chapman was 1st V60, Danny Kelly was 1st V55 and Pat Blessing was 2nd V55. Christine Hunter was 2nd in her age category in the 10k. Christine represented England in the marathon at the Chester marathon.
I really tried to make this report shorter this year, but you lot have been doing so well so it’s all your fault. It’s been an honour to be the men’s captain the last 20 months. Thanks to committee and everyone else who supported me, especially Christine, who has been brilliant to work alongside and good luck to the new Captain. My apologies for doubling the length of this AGM.

Three Counties Cross Country UPDATED
To enter a list for names will be on club desk.
2018-19 dates:
4th Nov 2018 - Dunstable Road Runners - Results
25th Nov 2018 - Wellingborough & District AC - Race Instructions
16th Dec 2018 - North Herts Road Runners
13 Jan 2019 - Ampthill & Flitwick Flyers
27th Jan 2019 - Wootton Road Runners
Web Site & Results
Other Cross Country Races
26th Jan 2019 Southern Counties Parliament Hill, London
23rd Feb 2019 English National XC Harewood House, Leeds

Dates For Your Diary
22nd Nov - Social Night
20th Dec - Social Night
21st Dec - Christmas Meal, Fancott Arms
8th Feb - Awards Evening

Running Report for Sept 2018 by Phil Nitchen
What an absolutely amazing month of running it has been for our members. The Pb’s just keep coming and coming, it’s fantastic to see the graduates from the beginners course filling up the race sheets and to see their times dropping on a weekly basis. We celebrated the memory of a club legend, and also had our 10 mile championship race at Leighton Buzzard.
1st and 2nd
On the 1st At Wardown there were Pb’s for Sylvia Thomas 34.53, Jill Bywaters 35.48, Lucy Jospeh 26.37, Anna O’Neil 41.23, Sharon Chesham 35.58, . At the Bedford 10k there were PB’s for Katicia Blanchard 1.04.23, Claire Bracey 1.23.00, Andrea Watts 1.18 and Claire Farrow 1.14.03. On the 2nd at the Bedford half marathon there was a Pb’s for Amanda Scott 2.20.24 and Kirsty Yates in 2.43.00. At the Great North run Helen Douglas ran a Pb of 1.53.14 and Charles Nelis ran a Pb of 1.44.26. Mike Tucker ran the Dunstable 20 mile race in a time of 2.40.45 and finished in 3rd place.
On the 6th of September we had the inaugural running of the Alan Taylor memorial run. We had a load of runners taking part in memory of the club legend. Watching all the headlamps bobbing down the hill in the fading light was a glorious sight. It was a great success with only 2 runners going the wrong way. Not mentioning any names, but Zena got a bit possessive over the direction signs and took them before the said runners got there (sorry Zena). We chose the old Cross Country route, as cross country was Alan’s favourite type of racing, and I’m sure he would be delighted to see that the interest in cross country has massively increased since his memorial run. Many Thanks to Karen Ashby for her words about Alan before the run.
On the 8th at Wardown there were Pb’s for Jenn Davey in 30.45, Kulwinder Assra in 27.31, Claire Farrow in 32.48 and Barbora Uhrakova in 26.24. At Houghton Parkrun Claire Bracey ran a Pb of 36.12.
15th and 16th
On the 15th At Wardown Joe Cashman ran a Pb of 21.56. At Houghton parkrun Kulwinder Assra ran a Pb of 27.28 and at Aylesbury Parkrun Ruth Doyle ran a Pb of 31.30. Also on the 15th Rob Barnes ran the Hardmoors 60 mile ultra and finished in 3rd place in a time of 9.50.51. On the 16th Karen Ashby ran the Great Eastern half and finished 4th in her age group in a time of 1.57.12.
22nd and 23rd
On the 22nd at Wardown there was a Pb for Kulwinder Assra in 27.20. At Houghton there were Pb’s for Jill Bywaters in 35.03, Andrea Watts in 35.39 and Clare Bracey in 35.58. On the 23rd we had our 10 mile club championship race at the hilly Leighton 10. There were Pb’s for Martin Fallon in 1.13.37, Ian Pitkin in 1.20.02 and Nicola Abubacker in 1.41.00.
Due to rarity of the committee meeting being on the 1st of the month. The last weekend of the month will be written and added a bit later.
Like I said at the start what a cracking month of running. This month we have the ever popular Standalone 10k and the Love Luton half marathon and 10k with the half being our club championship race. I’ll be up to neck in reflux and dirty nappies again. As a result of my attempt to create a football team and the time it takes up, I have decided to stand down as men’s captain. It’s been very rewarding and I’m grateful for the opportunity. If anyone is interested in replacing me (not a hard act to follow) then I would encourage you to do so and you can count on my help.

Silent Runner
Mark Layzell's running blog for eveyone. Click here

2018 Club Championships
10K - Flitwick - 29th April - Results
5K - Marston - 8th June - Results
5M - John O'Callaghan, Luton - 24th June - Results
10M - Leighton - 23rd Sept - Results
Half Marathon - Luton - 28th Oct - Results
20M - Any between Jan & Dec 2018
Marathon - Any between Jan & Dec 2018

2018 Beds County Championships
20 Miles - Oakley - 18th March -Cancelled
10 Miles - Sandy - 8th April - Results
5 Mile - John O'Callaghan, Luton - 24th June - Results
10K - Bedford AAA Road Race - 20th July - Results
5K - Doug Anderson, Bedford - 25th July - Results
Half Marathon - Wootton - 2nd Dec - Entry

Striders Race Speadsheet UPDATED 16/03/18

This spreadsheet has times collected from the race sheets for everyone that has put something down this year. Every one has their own tab, which are at the bottom. If my English teacher was any good then they should be in alphabetical order by surname. I have also split it into a male and female side, the women's names are first,  just click on yours and you will be able to see your times.
The line with your name in that has times in bold are your lifetime PB for each distance. The line with your age category is your age group PB for each distance.
Any times that are highlighted on the chart in yellow, are lifetime PB's achieved. Any times highlighted in green are the age category PB's achieved.
All the PB's prior to the beginning of the year that are in the bold in the top 2 lines are what I found on the club PB pag.
There are definitely going to be some inaccuracies, mistakes and missing race times, please feel free to contact me and let me know so I can correct it.
My aim is to for an updated sheet to put up on a monthly basis onto the site.
Any questions, then please feel free to ask.
Phil, Mens Captain

Stopsley Strider Club Member Profile – Karen Bull  
Occupation: Intervention teaching assistant, breakfast club and after school club assistant.
Did you do sport at school?
I enjoyed playing netball when I was at High school – hated cross country – I loved playing rounders and generally came first or second in the 100 metre sprint when we had athletics.
When did you start running & why?
I’d read about Stopsley Striders running club on the internet and it piqued my interest – however I never took it any further and put it to the back of my mind thinking maybe one day…
In May 2016 I saw that Stopsley Striders were advertising a beginner’s course to run every Thursday for twelve weeks for one pound per session. There was my opportunity to give running a go. I attended every session – graduated from the beginners group in the July and here I am seventeen months later.
What made you come to Stopsley Striders?
The recommendation and encouragement from my friend and fellow strider Penny Kilbey.
What is your favourite run/course?
Of the races I have completed so far, I absolutely loved the Love Luton 10k. A very well organised race – excellent support from all the marshals and the atmosphere was phenomenal. Makes me proud to live in Luton.
What is your best run?
I made a resolution last year to be able to run sub 30 for a 5k by the end of this year. I managed this on the 21st October with a time of 29:30. I was absolutely over the moon and felt very proud of myself. My PB is currently 29:12 – I may not be the fastest runner but I have definitely improved.
What was your worst run?
Definitely the Luton 10k that I ran as part of the Luton AC summer series. I felt unwell on the day but was determined to run this race to go alongside the other two that made up the summer series. With the support of my husband, I managed to run non-stop until I got to 8k and then it went downhill from there. Every time I put one foot in front of the other I felt like I was going to be sick. This made me very emotional and cross with myself. My husband turned around and at this point I had started to walk. He could see how upset I was and with his ongoing support and encouragement, I managed to finish the course with a mixture of running and walking. To see the finish line was such a relief – I sprinted the last part and sat on the grass for a while drinking as much water as I could get down me, muttering to myself that I was never going to run this race again.
We shall see until next time…
What was your most memorable run?
Running in my first Stopsley 5 with my fellow striders. This was when I first felt like an actual runner and realised how far I had come. The weather was awful and this made this run particularly memorable for the wrong reasons. It was windy and raining and I was covered in mud and soaking wet by the time I finished but I loved it!
Do you like cross-country?
So far, I’ve ran in two cross-country races and I loved them both (I may not have felt the love for cross-country during the run but I certainly did at the end).
The club spirit is fantastic and it doesn’t matter if you are the fastest or slowest everyone is very encouraging and supportive of one another.
I’m definitely going to be signing up for the next two.
Assuming you have spare time, what are your other hobbies/interests?
I am very lucky to be blessed with The Best Boy in The World – my twenty one month old grandson. He keeps me on my toes and when I’m not giving him my undivided attention I like to spend quality time with my husband and four sons.
I’m a great advocate of parkrun and all that is stands for – when I’m not running at Luton Wardown I like to volunteer. I’ve recently started volunteering at junior parkrun too which is awesome!
If I do manage to get some time to myself I enjoying reading, watching dramas and eating chocolate.
How many times a week do you run?
I always try to make club nights on Monday. I did use to run on Thursdays and take part in hill and speed work – I’m hoping to fit Thursdays back in after Christmas. If I fancy a run in the week my husband joins me when he gets home from work. And of course Saturday is parkrun time!
What is your average weekly mileage?
At the moment it’s at least 10 – I’m going to be training in January for my first half marathon which takes place in March 2018 so this will certainly increase.
Do you do speed work or specialist training?
I have done in the past (speed work and hills).
Do you follow a diet regime before competing?
The longest I’ve ran so far is 10k so as long as I’ve had my morning cuppa,  I don’t generally have anything to eat until I’ve finished the race.
What piece of your kit do you think is the most important?
Decent running leggings that don’t full down when I run.
Who is your hero?
My dad.
What do you like about the club?
I have made a completely new circle of friends. Stopsley Striders is a friendly club and has been welcoming from the start – it’s good to feel part of something and this has helped me to continue to embrace my love of running.
What would be your advice to a new club member?
Join the Facebook page so you can get to know people and put names to faces. Be brave, come in with a smile on your face and remember that you are there for a reason. Be willing to seek out people who will support you and run alongside you and also offer your support and knowledge too. We all have something to offer at club and remember we were all a beginner at one point too.
Come to the social as well to get to know more striders - a well laid-out buffet is always on offer.
What is your running song to get you over that line?
I never listen to music when I am running. If I ever need a song to get me over the line, it would be Paradise by Coldplay.
Thom Darby - Chris Green - Zena Ellis - Andy Ward - Miriam Linforth - Dave Debnam
Phil Nitchin - Martin Smith - Liz Rollinson - Mark Lazell - Ian Pitkin

Power of 10
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Luton Athletics History
I run for Kent AC in London, but grew up in Luton and recently took part in Wardown parkrun.
I have written a bit about the history of running in the town, which might be of interest to you:
Through searching in British Newspaper Archive I have taken the history back to the 1870s. Let me know if you spot any howlers...
Best wishes
Neil Gordon-Orr

Luton Marathon 1990
Over 30 Striders took part in the race with others helping marshal.
Bill Barrett was first Strider home in 2:44:12
More information, results etc.can be found on

My Year as a Parkrun Tourist by Amanda Rankin
12 different parkruns over 12 months
Click here

Striding January 1991
Newsletter from over 25 years ago
About our former Club President becoming a Strider in 1983
A RUNNING MUM by Karen Ashby
Running while pregnant
Training for London

Club Nights
We know it’s difficult for some people but members are arriving after 7:30 on club nights. It would be helpful if as many members as possible could arrive between 7:00 and 7:30. This would help to reduce the queue when paying and be ready to run after the announcements.

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